Camoux rectangular planter

If you like the clean cut look of our Salon rectangular planter box, you will surely appreciate the slim elongated effect provided by our Camoux large planters. Shaped exactly like other slim planters, only on a larger scale, these designer planter boxes are a favorite among our frequent customers.

Measuring 54” long, 18” high and 8” wide, this rectangle planter is large enough to make a statement in the home, garden, office or meeting room. Since they are narrow, the long planters can be used for a range of things. Use the planter boxes to make your patio a bit more private, use them to frame your outdoor terrace or use them to divide seating areas at your upscale dining establishment. Each of these modern planter boxes is made out of our super tough fiberglass, making them versatile, durable and maintenance-free.

We are proud to be a brand that offers our buyers with plenty of options that allow them to order their own custom fiberglass planters at wholesale prices. Browse our large collection of color finishes to find the ones that will fit the feel of your space and order your own indoor/outdoor planter boxes today!

Pdf Specification Sheet